Kelly Fox

Photos by Cameron Gile


My name is Kelly Fox, and I’m a Junior Communication student at Arizona State University.

I am a storyteller, and use various media (mainly videography, photography, and print journaling) to capture the moments that get my blood pumping– soon, I hope to be covering yours. 

My goal as an artist and a storyteller is to reveal the emotions behind the moments that fascinate us. We communicate by explaining our experiences, and to bring the art of coming together into a concrete and lasting media is a challenge I’m always willing to take on.

I currently shoot for Vanyaland and Arizona State University's Blaze Radio, but I am also more than happy to consider freelance work.  I am currently taking requests for portrait shoots, especially from clients who cannot normally afford a photographer. Check out my portfolio and please contact me if you’re interested in hiring me to cover a show or event, or are interested in more long-term work.


Twitter: @KellysaFox

Instagram: @vixenvisuals


Photos by Cameron Gile

Photos by Cameron Gile