I'm so glad you're interested in working together. Touring is my favorite part of my job, so I hope we can hit the road soon! Learn more about the services, opportunities, and content options I can offer.


Promo & Show Photos

Throughout the tour, I'll snap photos during shows, travel time, and outings. When I'm home, I do quite a bit of portrait work, so doing promo photos while we're out-and-about is common for me!My turnaround time is abnormally quick for the industry, and most days, I'll have photos for you to post by the time we load in for the night. My rates are per day, not per photo, so you never have to worry about what each shoot will cost you.

Video Work

While photography is my specialty, videography is also very much on the table when you hire me for a run. Here, you can see the link to the tour music video I made for Doll Skin's European tour, and you can see more on the "Video" portfolio tab. Here, you can see a recap video I made for the music festival, Gem and Jam.


Tour Blogs

A jill of many trades, I also keep written tour blogs while I'm on the road, including photos, and sometimes video recaps of each city. This pulls double duty: it exposes my followers to a feed full of your faces, and it gives your fans an inside look into what goes on behind the scenes of a tour. Everyone wins, but especially the fans (which is what it's all about, right?)

It's a dream come true that as a creative, I'm allowed the opportunity to work with other creatives in a way that inspires both of us to be better. As a tour photographer on the younger end of the spectrum, I provide valuable to access the teenage/collegiate female audience-- you're bringing a member of your target demographic along with you. My insight, vision, and flexible pricing ensures that I can fit into a variety of niches. Including, of course, but not limited to, the one that made you click this link.

There are several bands that can vouch that I deliver my product, roll with punches, and I'm pleasant to be around-- isn't that what we're all looking for in a coworker?

I'd like to sincerely thank you for your time, and I hope we can talk logistics soon!