Tour Blog #7: Boston, MA

The good weather did, indeed, follow us to Boston, which was something I desperately needed. We woke up super early in New York so we could meet an old friend of Cory’s in Boston, and the gray drizzle of the NYC morning did not help my struggle to get out of bed. Nevertheless, we made it out relatively on time and I ate my leftover cookie dough for breakfast.

It was only a two-hour drive to Boston, but some of us took the opportunity to nap. Boston was one of the few places on the tour I’d already been, so I was okay with not taking a lot of time to explore. We stopped in a café I’d been to on my last trip and met with a guy who was in a band with Cory when they were in high school and his wife. After we ate, Cory went with them to see some of the MIT facilities and other sights of Boston, but the rest of us stayed in Flour to get some work done. 

As part of that time, I edited the photos for the openers from the NYC show and sent them off, which is something I’d procrastinated on. They were all extremely gracious and had nothing but kind words. One of the vocalists told me she felt inspired by my story after we chatted, which is an incredible feeling. I kind of thought the only inspiring thing I’d ever done was sleep for 29 consecutive hours, so it was a very cool thing to hear.

Boston was another Sofar show, so my expectations for the lighting were extremely low. It was a pleasant surprise then, to see a population of small stage lights and Christmas lights. It made the shoot very doable, and I was actually able to get a lot edited before we even left the venue.

If NYC night #2 was the best show of the tour, Boston was the best Sofar show… so far (don’t worry, I hate myself too). TNS went first, which we’ve grown to enjoy—or at least I do. We have more opportunities to sell merch, more time to load out (so we can leave earlier), and less stress in general.

The guys described it as “clicking”—after weeks and weeks of rehearsals and a few shows on the road the past few days, their dynamic and process are a finely tuned machine. This isn’t to say they were a hot mess before, but it really seems like things are kind of at that next level in terms of performance energy.

I was able to shoot for some of the other bands at the show, and they all seemed to like what I came up with. Sofar really does bring some of the best underground music out.

We made some great connections with fans and industry professionals alike, both of which are almost equally important at this point in the band’s career. We also did really well in merch sales, which is a huge relief for them. We use merch cash for tolls and restaurants that don’t accept cards, so not having cash is a real problem. 

Rather than staying in Boston, we went to stay with a friend of JTD’s in Portland. Unfortunately, when we left on the way to Maine, I had an ovarian cyst rupture in the car. I’m feeling much better this morning, but I was in quite a bit of pain that night. The guys pulled over and got me some Aleeve at a gas station, and that’s been helping. I’m going to be just fine (this has happened a few times before), but it really wasn’t on my agenda for the day.

I feel like I can’t express enough how nice everyone is. A few people have asked me if it’s hard to be on the road with so many guys for so long, but it really isn’t. We got past the dynamic of a-girl-traveling-with-four-guys-let’s-all-be-super-polite and moved into a more comfortable almost family-like dynamic within like the first two days. It really feels like I have four more big brothers than anything else.

I’m excited for Maine—I’ve heard so many great things about it. Hopefully we’ll be able to do some cute promos before we have to load in for the night. You’ll want to stay tuned– we’re in JTD’s home turf, so this could get interesting.