Tour Blog #2: St. Louis, MO & Kansas City, MO

Note: due to our schedule, I decided to do St. Louis and Kansas City in one blog, and I’ll do four days in the next blog—I want to keep it interesting despite having two travel days in a row.

This trip, like the last, has quite a few cities that I’ve never been to—St. Louis being one of them. The band originally reached out to Sara, a former SoFar Sounds host (see previous blogs if you aren’t familiar with SoFar), to see if we could crash with her on our way to Kansas City. She had the idea of hosting a house show for them, which was largely like a SoFar show, but a little different.


My grandparents graciously drove me to Nashville to meet the boys, and I had to make a quick stop at Best Buy to get a tripod. I’d accidentally left mine at home, but I needed a new one anyway (mine was held together with wire ties), so I’m not too upset.

Last time, JT was our drummer, but this time we hired a wonderful guy named Jeff. Jeff is really cool, and has a fantastic neck pillow. I think Jeff and I are going to get along very well.


After we loaded up, we hit the road and made it all the way to St. Louis without incident.

The house show at Sara’s was super cute—people brought blankets and chairs and just chilled out in her yard. The best place for the guys to play was the back deck, but the entire square was blocked off by railings. Luckily, Sara’s significant other, Josh, is in the construction business, and he simply unscrewed the railing and took it off.


The show went very well, but it still didn’t feel like tour yet. The set was unplugged and fairly short, so perhaps it’s because I didn’t get the full experience. The photos turned out well though!


After the set, the show turned into a bit of an after party, which isn’t exactly my speed. But because it was 7/11, 7 Eleven was giving out free slushies, and obviously I wanted in on that action. The boys walked three quarters of a mile to the nearest station—only to find out that THE PROMOTION HAD ENDED. So we walked the three quarters of a mile back. They band did it without protest or complaining, and that’s like, real friendship, guys.


We crashed at Sara’s after eating an obscene amount of Jack in the Box tacos, and I had a little grey kitty to cuddle to sleep.

The next morning, we were out the door by 10 and drove the five hours to Kansas City. I’m not sure if everyone is aware, but Missouri is FLAT. Driving through it honestly reminded me of Indy.


KC happens to house Alexa, one of my good friends from school. She recommended a fantastic pizza restaurant where we met before walking around the city. After we popped into a record store and crashed at a coffee shop for awhile, we packed up and headed to the venue.

TNS was the second act of the night, the first being a spoken word poet and the last being our hosts for the night. I’m sure it doesn’t do the band any favors, but for me, personally, I enjoy shows that we don’t headline. We’re able to get everything loaded up and get out (and to bed) sooner when we can get things done during the headlining act.


The KC show went very well, although my photos weren’t my favorite. The lights were inconsistent—hot on certain parts and virtually nonexistent on others. This makes it very difficult to properly expose the photos. The band seemed to like them, and that’s all that really matters!


We then stayed with the frontman of Run With It, Miguel, and his two great danes (and the rest of his family, I guess). He was an excellent host for the six hours we were there, but we had to split at 7am to get to Colorado.

Tour is finally starting to feel like tour, which is really great. The long drives haven’t totally wiped me out—something I thank my parents and the endless road trips they took me on a child for. I’m learning that I love the west even more than I thought I did, and that I really should have packed bug spray.


I’ve also been making short video recaps of every city—check those out below, and stay tuned for more!