Tour Blog #5: San Francisco, CA; San Jose, CA; & Costa Mesa, CA

We awoke the second day of San Francisco to a text from Shanan that his Mac was used to log into wifi in the city—after waiting for the window repair guy to fix us up, we grabbed breakfast and headed to the police station. They had us park on the corner while they went around knocking on doors. Unfortunately, no one had recently purchased a laptop, and no one matched the description of the thieves from the photos we have. Worth a shot but ultimately a bust, we called the operation quits.


Defeated and still sore from the loss, we were just a few hours away from load in. We decided to try to find a coffee shop, and some of the others just wanted to sleep in the van. Unable to find a shop, Jessica and I gave up and just headed to the library.

After loading in, we decided to grab some Thai food, and we were unfortunately carded at the door on the way back to the bar. Luckily, they let me shoot, but it was another night of sitting in the van (although that did make us feel better about the chances of not getting robbed again) the rest of the time.


 The show was fairly difficult to shoot, just because the light was inconsistent, meaning very intense in some areas and nonexistent in others. I thankfully didn’t have the problem of not having enough light, however. The bar was decently packed for a Thursday, including some faces from the previous night’s SoFar.


Luckily, security let me stay in the venue to work merch and help load out, so I didn’t feel quite so useless. The show was so late, however, that people were just eager to split, rather than buy merch, which was rather unfortunate, given the financial disaster we’re in the middle of.

We called it a night and trekked back to our host’s, where we all NEEDED a good night’s sleep.


 Because San Jose is only an hour away from San Francisco, we’d planned to stay in the city a little longer, given that we’d spend most of the previous day with police. We were all getting bad vibes, however, and decided that perhaps we should just close the chapter on SF.

A hop, skip, jump, and hour drive away was a coffee shop where we set up camp. I let the other guys use my laptop (hence the late videos), but Cory ran to Best Buy and grabbed a used laptop that he’ll pay himself back for when he gets his insurance check. Shanan also received some good news that could lead to him getting a functioning computer for at least temporary use. 


The dark cloud is beginning to lift from the group. I’m dealing with a little survivor’s guilt, but obviously I’m super thankful I can still function. We’re starting to realize how much worse it could have been, and seeing it as a lesson that really frickin sucks.


The show in San Jose was at Cory’s cousin’s house, so we got to meet a little bit of his family and their adorable dog. Ironically enough, our stage was a garage. The guys found the whole production a bit odd, but it seemed as though everyone had a good time.


They also had a ton of fruit trees in the yard, and I ate so many plums I nearly threw up.


We then crashed at the house we played at, with Cory and Shanan actually sleeping in the garage they played in.


We left early in the morning on Saturday, but the blow was softened when our host brought us a fantastic breakfast. With a seven hour drive to Costa Mesa, we wanted to account for LA traffic and get there a little early so we could settle into Cory’s parents’. The drive started off with an amazing view of a lake, and eventually leveled out to be less interesting, prompting naps and work time all around.


I’d also like to take the opportunity to plug the Foster the People album that was released yesterday—I listened to it three times today. Absolutely fantastic.

 We’re staying at Cory’s parent’s house, so we dropped our stuff off and hit the pool for a few hours before we packed up for the show.


 The show, of course, was 21+. I used a new tactic this time (hiding behind the merch table) and managed to not get kicked out, so that was great. I also met for the first time in my life, and the boys the first time as a band, a sound GIRL. Her name was also Kelly, and in addition to running sound, she also ran lights that were gorgeous.


The guys pegged Costa Mesa as their favorite show of the tour—Seattle had the best crowd, but Orange County was better overall, in terms of venue, lineup, me not getting kicked out, etc. The house was pretty packed, and we sold more merch than usual.


After swinging through Del Taco, we were all ready to crash, so we ended up in bed roughly six minutes later.

 This seven day leg was decidedly the biggest hump of the tour, that also came with additional humps, barbed wire, and road spikes. Now, we have two days off before starting another stretch, which will be pretty laid back. We desperately need a break after going so hard for so long, and California certainly seems like the place to do it.


We’re getting back on track and back to ourselves, and I’m eagerly looking forward to the rest of these dates. Stay tuned!