Tour Blog #6: 2 Days off, & Los Angeles, CA

I feel as though we needed these days off in the same way I needed tour to begin, which is certainly ironic. After going so hard for so long (7 shows in 7 days), we were all starting to feel burned out.


It was during this time that I kind of came to a harsh realization—over the summer, I’d worked too hard. From a basic standpoint, I was alright, meaning my health didn’t plummet, I wasn’t making huge mistakes, my affairs were generally in order, etc. etc. But I wasn’t creating anything. I was shooting, yes, but I rushed through everything to snag an extra hour of sleep and nothing received my best work in the end. I’d planned to have a head start on a creative project that’s going along with the tour, and I really didn’t by the time I left. Now that I’m more relaxed, I’m still worried about the quality of work I’ll be producing at the end.


This is all just to say that you need to take care of yourself. Let yourself be your priority, even if it means taking a break, especially if you’re an artist of any kind. My art gets me through the day, and I neglected it. I’m going to take care to not let that happen again.

On that note, my break from tour with The New Schematics was a great time. We spent both afternoons at a couple beaches, and I took full advantage of the hot tub that was a short walk from Cory’s parent’s house. I was also able to grab lunch with a friend from school, and Jessica and I had some girl time while the boys went out to see a movie (meaning we watched a different movie).


Cory’s parents were phenomenal hosts (not that all of them aren’t, but these guys put up with us for four days), and we ended our time off feeling refreshed and ready to head back east.


We also had a show in L.A., which the guys were eagerly anticipating. It was well attended, and despite having some issues with the sound, the guys walked away feeling pretty good. The other bands we played with were hugely talented, so that made the whole night more fun.


 So far, my strategy of just not leaving 21+ venues has been working (knock on wood), and while I was grateful that I didn’t get kicked out, I could’ve done without the bartender hitting on me. Unfortunately, that’s one of the realities of touring for a girl.


After a long day of walking around Los Angeles and playing a super late show, we were all ready to get to bed. Sadly, L.A. was our last show with Jessica Lamb. She’s been an absolute joy to be on the road with, from her In-N-Out spidey senses to her hilarious stage banter. We bid her goodbye and already felt the weight of her absence on the way home. I hope our paths cross again in the very near future.

There’s an empty spot in our van and in our hearts—we’ve filled both with naps.


We didn’t leave the venue until very late, and didn’t get home until around 1:45 a.m. We were exhausted, and I immediately starfished into (a now Jessica-less) bed and passed out.

Tour is starting to enter its final days, which is simultaneously a relief and a bummer. I’m tired, I’ve been living out of a suitcase for three weeks, my bank account just laughs at me when I check it, and I’m outrageously behind on business matters. But I love touring and seeing these fantastic places, and it’ll probably be quite a while until I get to see the guys after this summer. In fact, due to my school schedule, the earliest I could go out is a full six months away, and it’s incredibly difficult to find December tours, so eight months is more realistic. This winding down is certainly bittersweet.


Only a few more days of this rollercoaster of a run—stay tuned!