Tour Blog #2: To and Through Prague

I normally don’t write much about all travel days, but this one was so eventful, that it seems appropriate.


After a 10 hour flight to Stockholm, we emerged feeling pretty okay. I didn’t get a lot of sleep, but we had a fairly leisurely day ahead of us. We found out Sydney had “accidentally” ordered six red wines on the plane (she neither drank nor received them), I lost my passport (it fell between the seats on the plane and I do have it back), and Alex’s bag had to essentially be deconstructed in order to get through security. We had quite a layover in Stockholm, so we ran around the airport for a bit, searching for snacks and playing with babies. Instead of playing with said babies, I got wine drunk off tiny, overpriced bottles. 


After an hour and a half flight I’d planned to stay awake for but ended up sleeping like a rock through, we ran off to baggage claim. A sinking feeling set in as we were collecting our bags and Sydney’s guitar and Meghan’s cymbals were still missing. After a lengthy trip to lost and found, we still don’t have a lot of information—they’re guessing the bags are in Stockholm, but couldn’t confirm that. We hopped in our new van and frantically made some emails and texts, hoping to get replacements or borrow from other bands. I’m still not 100% sure what the newest update is, but we’re trying to stay optimistic—at least everyone has their suitcases. 


We called it quits at lost and found, and embarked on a 3 and a half hour drive to Prague in our new van—which has an entire bed in the back. It’s still not a bus tour, but it’s pretty dang close.


Our flat had plenty of room, and I even got a bed to myself. Sydney, Alex, and I were starving, so while everyone else headed to bed, we went to the convenience store across the street and grabbed ramen to make in the flat. This was an interesting trip, as none of us realized that the Czech Republic doesn’t really operate on Euros. All the directions on the packages were also in Czech. 


We’d planned to get up at 11, so naturally, the first of us up woke up at 1. We quickly got ready to go, then ran to the restaurant across the street from the venue for breakfast—it was cheap, delicious, and the waitress spoke English. A good time all around. 


Carbed up and ready to go, we walked a total of four miles all around the city of Prague. It was breathtaking, and although the cold made it far less enjoyable, we were so in awe of the architecture and even the baubles in stores. Our promoter for the next three shows, David, gave us an A1 tour. We’re struggling to learn simple phrases and the currency, but we’re getting there!


We ran back to the flat, grabbed our stuff, and headed to the venue! Lucerna Music Bar actually had staff that helped us load in and out, but I was freezing, so I weaseled my way out of helping under the guise of “watching the bags” in the green room. 


The show went really well, with one exception. The crowd was great, the lights were great, and the girls crushed it. When I was shooting, however, there was a very large, drunk man who was pushing me and the other photographers. I figured he just had too much to drink and was trying to mosh, but I tried to avoid his area (which was hard, because he was front and center). During the last song or two, I felt this weird gripping sensation and realized he had PICKED ME UP. He moved me a foot or two over, then started yelling at me in Czech. I just went to the side of the stage to get away from the situation, but apparently the girls saw what had happened and what had been happening. 


They ended the show, then Sydney called the guy out, yelling at him for getting in the way of their photographer. They said he’d been drinking too much and needed to be kicked out by security, which he soon was. While we don’t think most of the people spoke a lot of English, they started booing him. When Nicole said, “we don’t touch girls without their permission,” everyone cheered like something out of the movie.


Really though, I'm totally okay, and the girls were super supportive and apologetic, even though it was in no way their fault. I was just a little weirded out when it happened, and I'm glad the guy way kicked out before he caused any real damage.

We went back to the same restaurant for dinner and got it for free as part of the rider, which was fantastic. I ate spaghetti that almost made me cry, and now it’s going to be my breakfast.


After we loaded up, we got in the van and headed back to the flat we stayed at the previous night. At this point, the girls realized Warped Tour had been announced, so they put up their announcement and fielded everyone’s excitement. I’ve been keeping that secret under wraps for a hot minute as well. The photo shoot I did for them was actually for the Warped promos, which in itself is an honor. For those of you wondering if I’ll be joining them, the answer is still in the works, but it’s not a no. 


Tomorrow, we venture to another part of the Czech Republic, so that will be great! I’m currently just hoping it stops snowing. It’s always and adventure, stay tuned!