Tour Blog #3: Crowd Surfing, Literal Grilled Cheese, and Missed Reservations? Czech.

We unfortunately weren’t able to sleep in much on the morning of the 2nd, although 10am is leisurely by The New Schematics’ standards. Our driver was running a little late, so we ran over to get coffee to start the day. I’m not ashamed to say we got Starbucks—sometimes you just need something that reminds you of home when you’re surrounded by places and people you don’t quite understand. And yes, my usual order did taste the same.


With nearly a 4 hour drive ahead of us, we loaded into the van and bid goodbye to the flat we’d been staying in for the past two nights. On tour, any time you’re in the same place for more than 24 hours, it starts to become a bit more homey, so we were a little sad to leave.


When we arrived in Ostrava, we had trouble contacting the host of our airbnb for the night, so we ran over to a strip mall to pick up some necessities. There are a lot of things you don’t really think about being different in foreign countries—Nicole, for example, tried probably 5 stores before finding tampons that had plastic applicators. Most tampons here don’t have applicators at all. That may be TMI, but it’s a real thing that women have to deal with on the road. 


After loading up and getting as ready for the show as we could without sound checking, we went to the restaurant next door for dinner. The menu, however, was entirely in Czech. Our driver, Petr, came to the rescue again, telling us about the grilled cheese on the menu. This sounded heavenly, so we all ordered the same thing. When we got our plates, we realized just how literally he meant “grilled cheese”—it was a slab of cheese, grilled, surrounded by green beans. And as unappetizing as that sounds, it was delicious. 


In addition to being our driver, Petr has also worked as our interpreter, stagehand, and bodyguard for Dora against drunk men. He was only hired to get us from point A to point B, but he’s really gone above and beyond to help us out. We’re lucky to have him!


The girls shoveled as much food as they could before they had to go on, but they had about 10 minutes to sound check, eat, and put on makeup. Despite the scrambling, they made it on stage, and killed the show. The crowd went absolutely nuts, and I did a good portion of shooting from on the stage because I was afraid to bring my gear into the mayhem. Sydney crowd surfed for the first time at her own show, and they got to play an encore. They also brought a very young fan on stage to hit Meg’s drums. Syd got emotional at the end, which was sweet to see. You could just tell she was having an introspective moment.


We were all in a great mood after the show, so we took advantage of the copious amounts of alcohol in the green room. Drinking here still feel shady to me, like the cops could bust down the door at any moment and haul us to Czech jail. Don’t worry mom, I waited until all my editing and uploading were done before I started imbibing.



Finally, it was time to head to our Airbnb for the night, which proved a little more difficult than usual, as we had to load out our gear down the same area that people were leaving from. This meant that someone had to stay with the gear between the elevator and the van, but there were also a lot of drunk people who REALLY wanted to chat with the girls for an inappropriate amount of time. It’s great to hear from people after the show, but at the same time, we were exhausted and just wanted to go to bed.



Our accommodations for the night were essentially a whole house, and we all got our own beds. We made some ramen, called our friends, families, and significant others, and headed for bed. It was at this time that I received some great news, which I’ll be announcing in just a few hours.


After a restful night, we woke up in the afternoon and headed to our last stop in Czech, Pardubice. We went straight to the venue after a surprisingly satisfying gas station breakfast. The gas stations here are at a whole new level, y’all.  They’re super clean and have real food, and sometimes even small produce stations.


We got to the venue a little early, deciding there wasn’t enough time to go to the hotel first. We were told there was no smoking inside this venue, which would’ve been a wonderful change of pace—we all reek of smoke, and I’ve been struggling with my asthma. This rule, however, was largely thrown out the window. The headlining band also partook in some substances that made us a little uncomfortable—normally, I wouldn’t bring it up in a blog like this, but they kind of became an allegory for us. More on that later.


After working on a video for my new announcement, I left the green room to get away from the smoke and cold air from the window that was opened as a result of the smoke. I feel like I haven’t really given Dora the credit she deserves in these blogs—Nicole’s mom came along on this tour to help with merch, but she’s also been super helpful in keeping us sane and organized. She’s an awesome roadie, and just a genuinely kind human.


Hentai Corporation checked before we did, and it’s worth noting that the lead singer did so completely naked. We realized very quickly that the man loved attention and did a lot of unusual things to get it. 


Doll Skin’s set went pretty well, although the crowd was much less enthusiastic. Given that they were playing with a band called Hentai Corporation, they decided playing “Puncha Nazi” was appropriate for this show, even though they were told not to play it on this tour by their manager. The song went over without incident, and the girls were brought back on stage for an encore. They were exhausted, but trudged through the Zeppelin cover nonetheless. 


We loaded up—a process that was lengthened by a plethora of drunk people in the green room slowing us down—and headed to the hotel, but this is when things got tricky. We had a reservation, but we didn’t realize we had to check in for it by 8pm, so there was no one in the building. Alex, Sydney, and I had been drinking pretty heavily, so we were useless in this situation. After an hour of making calls and looking on google maps, we found a place 2-3 hours away, and headed in that direction. Finally, at 5am, we hit the hay in a hotel an hour away from our first stop in Germany. 


While this tour has been a lot to process, we haven’t hit the point where it feels like it’s flying by. We’ve had long days, and it feels like we’ve been over here for like two weeks, not four days. I’m sure I’ll get to the point soon where I’ll wonder where the time went, but for now, I’m taking it day by day.


I have some wonderful news that I can’t wait to share with you, so stay tuned to my social media, and to this blog!