Tour Blog #5: No one Knows What a Scorpion Is

Bonjour from France! I’m writing this tour blog from a little house in Northern France, where we’re staying on our day off. We need it, too!


We had another long drive to Muhlheim Am Main, so we woke up all-too-early and promptly went back to bed in the van. I don’t 100% remember what we did or ate, but I’m guessing it was a gas station breakfast followed by a lot of napping. We managed to get to the city early, so we stopped by our hotel to unload our stuff.


When we got to the hotel, I video called my mom, who had some bad news. My childhood dog had been sick for a long time, and the day before, her little puppy kidneys had given out. I’d seen her a few days before I left for Europe, and she perked up considerably—she started eating again, and even went on some longer walks. Having her whole pack home must have been her last duty before she left us. I teared up several times during the night, but I’m feeling pretty okay about it now. I’m surrounded by wonderful, supportive people in a beautiful place.


We finally left the hotel, after I’d been trying to post my last tour blog for the last hour. I’m so, so sorry the photos and blogs have been a little late. WiFi is a precious commodity that we don’t stumble on very often here, so going days without it can mean I have content done and ready to go, but no way to get it to the girls, or to you.


At the venue, we made quick friends with the bartender—his English was excellent, and he stayed patient with us as we tried out all the fancy cocktails. The bar had a sort of specialized deal where you could choose a syrup like rhubarb (and many other flavors we’d never heard of), and they’d add it to soda water and lime juice. We requested he also add some booze, and the drinks turned out to be a wonderful way to prep for the show. The venue also fed us the biggest salads I’ve ever seen.


Two bands opened up for us, both fantastic. Who’s Mary and Mind Blowing played wonderful sets, and were so nice to us. Something that has struck me at these venues is how kind everyone is. This isn’t to say U.S venue staff are rude, but… well, sometimes they are. We haven’t had any bad experiences in Europe, and the staff always do their very best to speak English and accommodate us well.

(Mind Blowing)

(Mind Blowing)

The girls played a fantastic show, complete with literal swinging from the rafters. The crowd was super into it, and we sold the most merch at that point in the tour. I started an Instagram live as a spur of the moment decision, and the reaction was so cool that we decided to try it again later, next time with actual promotion.

The lighting wasn’t too bad, but certainly no cake walk. Blue and yellow lights are ideal for photographers, but there simply wasn’t enough of it, especially on the edges of the stage. 


After a haphazard load in, we headed back to our hotel and most of us passed out. I stayed up and went to hang out with Alex and Sydney, who were in a different room. Finally, drunk and sleepy, I headed to bed.

Unfortunately, we had an 11am checkout, so we had to get on the road, despite not having a far drive. Y’all know I still napped though.


With the extra time, we headed to a park with a giant, climbable structure of stairs. The view from the top was breathtaking, especially because I had an asthma attack on the way up. We also marveled at the tiny little flowers poking up out of the grass, and the gardens of purple plants. We still had time before we could check into our hotel for the  day, so we attempted to find a coffee shop and settled for a bakery instead.

We had an apartment booked, but we were planning on driving to France that night, so we stopped into the flat to recharge and get ready for the show, but left shortly after.


The venue for the night was one of my favorites—finally, after days of searching, I had WiFi! I could upload the girls photos and finish posting my tour blog, and I even did some homework. The green room also had snacks, orange juice (which I stole two massive bottles of), a comfy sofa, and extension cords. Even though the venue used all red lights and I had to use flash at one point, I considered it worth the struggle to actually get caught up on life.


The staff at Keller Klub were also super sweet, from the promoter to security. I wasn’t able to catch the opening act as I was preoccupied with getting my shit together, but they sounded great from the green room! Right before the girls went on, I snapped a few shots in the green room that I’m pretty happy with.


As always, the girls played an awesome show, but I did struggle with the lights a bit. I had to use flash at one point, but I managed to take a break by doing the Instagram Live. Thank you so much to everyone who caught it! It was super fun to give you the view that I’ve been getting every night, hopefully everyone had fun! 


Our merch sales were through the roof that night—we (Dora) DOUBLED our best sales, which was incredible. There were also decent ticket sales, so we certainly made off alright. We’ve had a consistent problem with one merch item in particular: there’s a really cool scorpion shirt, but we realized quickly when we got over here that they don’t have scorpions here, so no one knows what it is. Someone told Dora which one he wanted by describing it as “the lobster shirt.” Sydney told that story on stage, and has worn the shirt on stage, so our sales have done much better. We’ve realized that some countries and some areas don’t have a culture that really supports buying merch, but we’ve had some great nights to balance out the lower ones.


After a quick load out, we began the journey to Northern France, where we’ll have a day off. We’re staying with the mother of one of Sydney’s friends, who lives in a quiet village (every day like the one before), and we’re excited to sleep and do laundry.


Weird thing about Europe: no one uses dryers! Laundry becomes an all-day activity, because you have to hang all your laundry out. Now that we have a full day, we’re eager to get the smell of smoke out of everything we own. Alex is starting to feel a little sick, so we’ve quarantined her, and we’re forcing her to get as much rest as possible to preemptively beat it.


I’m eager to recuperate and just have a day to relax! Hopefully I won’t get so behind on these blogs again, so stay tuned!


P.S—to Meg’s grandmother, who sent me a very sweet email: she is doing wonderfully, and we’re all having a great time!