Warped Tour Blog #1: The Pro-Blogue

Hi! Welcome back to my favorite part of my site to update.

I’ve said I’ll keep up with blogs as much as I can on Warped, but I’m sure it’s evident that the tour can be kind of nuts. My plan is to do more photo-based blogs about twice a week with text describing the highlights.

But as we’ve clearly seen in the past month or so, things in my life have a tendency to veer off plan.


If you haven’t been keeping up with my social media, I had a bit of a catastrophe recently. Doll Skin doesn’t have room for me on their tour bus, so I’d planned on renting a bunk from another band on the tour. About a month away from the tour, however, they had to drop out. This put me in a really tough spot, as most busses were finalized at that point and those that weren’t were asking for obscene amounts of money (naturally, this happened right after I upgraded quite a bit of gear). I was not doing well mentally as having the summer “off” gave me a lot of time to meditate on how this wasn’t going to work and how much this sucked and how terrible I felt.

And then something I hoped for but certainly didn’t expect happened. You all came out of the GD woodwork to help me. People sent me money for no reason, and bought stacks of coloring books and mystery packs, and ordered custom prints. Even if your contribution was just spreading the word of my shit predicament or sending kind words my way, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I don’t deserve any of you.

Nicole S, our tour manager (as opposed to Nicole R, our bassist) knew some gals over at a nonprofit called Drop off Threads, and they offered me a spot in their van after hearing about what happened! Not only are they my salvation, they’re also some of the most generous people I’ve ever met. They had originally only signed up to set up booths during the first half of the tour, but decided they wanted to do the whole thing when I came into the picture. We’re still waiting to hear back from Warped officials on whether they can do the full run, but my contact has offered to stay on the full tour even if they have to work catering or can only set up their booth a few days a week. They’re wonderful people, and I owe them hugely. 


Those are the major updates in my life! Since you last heard from me in March, all that’s really happened have been some cool gigs, finishing up my Sophomore year of college, and trying to get ready to move out of my apartment, which will happen while I’m on the road (shout out to my roommate for being a literal angel).

Now, I’m driving through the California desert, reflecting on the fact that I’ve made it here. I have a bit of a strange relationship with the tour—I always wanted to go as a kid, but was never allowed. I watched from afar, just feeling jealous and separated from the community. So it was huge for me to get approved to shoot the Indiana date back in 2016, and it’s impossible for me to believe that I’m really, truly on the tour now. Once it was announced that this was the last year for Warped, I kind of accepted the fact that I was likely never going to end up on the tour. Needless to say, I’m honored and SO PUMPED.


Not only do I get to go on this incredible journey, I get to do it with some of the kindest, most hard-working people I’ve ever met. The Doll Skin girls are wonderful and we’ve actually spent time together in the time between tours, plus our TM is an actual superhero and our merch slinger is a veteran who has been showing us all the ropes.

I’ve never been in the van I’ll be living in for at least the next three weeks, but I already know it’ll feel like home. Touring always does. Prepping for the road is basically hyperventilating, but hitting it is like a deep, cleansing breath that purifies my soul. So far, I have three goals for this tour:

1.)  Smell good (last tour this was downgraded to “smell decent” so we’ll see on this one)

2.)  Be helpful/do my job

3.)  Make a ton of friends (hopefully the first two will help with this one)


I hope these blogs make you feel more connected to me and the girls as we embark on this insane journey. It’s been so cool to hear about how much you all love these, and I hope they’ll be just as fun as the last ones! It’s still super wild to me that Doll Skin fans actually know who I am/care what I do.

We have some wild times coming up—trust me, you’ll want to stay tuned.