Warped Tour Blog #6: A Home Base and a Home

I’m not sure what kind of god I pleased to give us two beautiful days in a row, but maybe it’s the universe making up for damn near a whole week of rain.


While the weather has been beautiful, my life has been a bit more tumultuous. You may know that I was working closely with Doll Skin’s merchandiser, Victoria, as almost a sort of assistant merch gal. While I can’t really go into what exactly happened, she’s no longer on the tour. I’m missing her really badly, as she was here for me since day one, and we grew really close. She was replaced with Cameron, who I wrote about in my previous blog, and while I miss her a ton, if I got to choose who filled in, it would be him.


I also found out Rocky is coming back in just a few days, and I’m so excited!

Furthermore, many of you likely saw on social media that I’ll no longer be directly working with Doll Skin on this tour. The girls I spoke with agreed that it was the right move for me, and I hope to continue a positive relationship with them. All anyone needs to know is that I’m feeling a lot better in terms of my place on this tour, and I’m very excited to take on a larger role with the Story Untold boys.


Speaking of which, I couldn’t be happier with these guys. They absolutely treat me like family, and they’re so appreciative of everything I do. Working your ass off for people who value you is so rewarding, and I honestly wish I could do more. But here’s the thing: I don’t have to. The guys load their gear and merch themselves, act as their own street team, cover for Dakota at merch, and still find time to check in on me. I have massive respect for them—there’s no room for ego out here, and they realize that the people who hustle the hardest will get the most out of this tour.


I told you this blog would be a rundown of what I do on a daily basis, but within the last few days, that’s been changing a lot! I will say that the days are very repetitive in nature. Even if we play at different times every day, the tasks that need to be accomplished are basically the same. After this switch, I’ll have some more free time, so I want to get back in the swing of my interviews and thesis work.


ICYMI: In addition to working warped, I’m also doing my thesis while on the road, with the topic being mental health among touring musicians and professionals. This is a really personal area for me, and the interviews I’ve been getting have been deeply personal and incredibly valuable. I’ve realized it’s a golden example of an ethnography—I’m reporting on these people, but I’m also one of them in every sense of the word.


If any of my Warped friends (or people who know Warped staff) would like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I’m especially interested in working with crew members like photographers, tour managers, merch slingers, etc., but I’m thrilled to speak with anyone.


The first half of this tour was very stressful, and to tell the truth, I did want to leave. But now I feel incredibly inspired, and I feel as though I can channel my energy into my work rather than trying to just feel okay. I’ve fallen into a rhythm that allows me to be my best self, and I’m proud of the work I’m turning out.


These blogs are a little bit like washing my hair on tour—I very rarely have time to take a long shower (sit down and write), but when I do, I’ve got to wash it (post it), even if it isn’t that dirty (I don’t have a lot to say). I promise next time, I’ll catalog my daily routine—so stay tuned!