Warped Tour Blog #7: Consistency is Both Vital and Nonexistent

I keep thinking that I’ll run out of eventful things to talk about in these blogs, but I absolutely haven’t. I haven’t really had a period of time where things were super stable, and while that sounds overwhelming, I’m centered by my daily routine—it keeps me sane. And I’ve promised I’d take you all through it, so here goes!


Depending on how long our drive was the night before, we either wake up on the sofas of friends of the band/crew, or in the van. We then either get ready at the house or in and outside of the van (I frequently brush my teeth in parking lots—in fact, I can’t recall the last time I brushed them in a sink), which usually involves getting changed in the van. This is one of the times where the disparity between male and female experience makes itself more clear. The guys will just strip in the middle of the parking lot, whereas I have to shut myself in the van and give the bird to anyone who tries to look in the windows.


Next, we setup merch, which we’re pretty efficient at. I appreciate that the guys let me help, as it would’ve been really strange for me to transition from doing a ton of work every day to just sitting back and chilling. I’m frequently in the way, but I at least get to keep the illusion of productivity to make my brain happy.


Once merch is ready and breakfast is eaten, doors open, and the routine switches up a little. We play at different times every day, so the time I spend shooting is kind of up in the air. When I’m not shooting, however, I usually run into production for a few hours to charge my gear, edit, and of course, write these tour blogs. Wifi, power, and AC are commodities that are hard to find but essential for me to get my job done, so I frequently disappear to take advantage of them. Snacks are also essential, but that’s less important to the story.


After I accomplish some combination of food, shooting, editing, working merch, and hiding in the AC, my day is winding down. I unfortunately don’t get to watch a ton of bands every day, but I make it a point to watch at least one new band a day—plus Don Broco every day, of course. 


At the end of the night, we very occasionally go to a barbecue, but we usually leave the venue as soon as we can. Because the boys are driving themselves, they want as much sleep as possible (and so do I), which leaves little time for partying. The guys rotate driving, and we end up at our hosts house sometime ungodly late at night. And, the cycle begins again.

(Doll Skin got to play the main stage and that was very fricken cool)

(Doll Skin got to play the main stage and that was very fricken cool)


The first few days after my last blog were rather uneventful, but our “relaxing day off” in New York turned out to be not-so-chill. Cameron (Doll Skin’s merch guy) and I both couldn’t go to Canada—he didn’t have a passport and I wasn’t put on a manifest in time—so we booked an Airbnb in Buffalo to spend the day there. Our morning was wonderful—we walked around to a little coffee shop, ate some poutine, and found a little walkway over water we sat at for awhile. Then when we returned home, a man walked past us as we were trying to do laundry, and the conversation went a little like this:


Him: “Hi, are you guys friends with Elise?”

Us: “Oh, no, we’re her Airbnb guests!”

Him: “You’re her WHAT?”


Turns out, our host had been listing her apartment without the landlord’s permission, and he was not happy about us being there. While he was initially trying to get us out immediately, he eventually allowed us to stay there until midnight, when our vans could come back to get us. We had to do our laundry at a laundromat, so while it definitely could’ve been worse, it was very stressful and not really what I wanted to deal with on my “day off.” Nevertheless, I was able to run a lot of errands and finish up a lot of things I was behind on.


Warped is truly a roller coaster—from parking lot hangs to almost being homeless for a night, there’s no way to know what’s coming up around the corner. One of the few things keeping my feet on the ground has been the friends I’ve made along the way. Even if I only see them for a few minutes of the day, they’ve taken me under their wings and made me feel much more secure than I was at the beginning of tour.


I’m not sure what I’ll cover in my next blog—especially because as illustrated above, I never know what’s about to happen! I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned.